Useful advice

To make sure your entry stands the best chance of making it through to the final shortlist, read through the following advice we have compiled, based on past experience.

 Have you entered the correct category?

The description for each category will indicate the relevant eligibility – if you are not eligible, you will not proceed to the judging stage so look for another category that works for you.

 Follow the category criteria closely

Judges will assess your entry on how well it matches the criteria, so make sure you read the category guidelines carefully. The entry process is structured so that you answer each section of the criteria as a separate question. This enables the judges to compare entries on a like-for-like basis – therefore make sure you answer each question as closely and carefully as possible.

 Don't be general

Make sure you tailor your entry specifically to the category you've entered – don’t just include a generic marketing piece about the product or the programme you are entering. Make sure the judges can see how valuable the initiative you created is and how it has benefited your organisation.

 Use evidence and testimonials to support your entry

Include figures, statistics and supporting documentation to back up your entry. Remember, this will only be visible to the judges and organisers and will not be made public. Third-party testimonials can be the determining factor that makes your nomination stand out – feedback from colleagues, third-party partners and relevant associations can strengthen your nomination. Your achievements sound more credible if someone else is endorsing them.

 English not your first language?

All entries must be submitted in English. If English isn't your first language and you aren't confident in your written English, it may be worth running your submission by an English speaker to ensure you have made all your points as strongly as possible. You may be an excellent candidate but you need to communicate this effectively to the judges.

 What happens next?

You've submitted your entry. After the deadline has passed, all the entries will be checked and any incomplete submissions will be contacted and asked for more information, if necessary. Successful entries will be passed on to the judges, and a shortlist of three finalists from each category will be drawn up. Finalists will be contacted with further information, and the finalists will be announced to the public at the end of July 2023. 

Details of the Awards Ceremony will be announced at a later date. Good luck with your entry!