Find out what the Excellence in Risk Management judges said about the winners

François Malan is great example of someone who has developed from a technical insurance specialist to a full risk management position in a complex industry. This award recognises a combination of innovation, risk management best practice and the ability to foresee risks and anticipate dangerous endings. An AMRAE member for 20 years and a Rimap Founder, Francois has great experience managing insurance programmes for major French corporations including Hermès, Nexity and now Eiffage.

Lene Ritz has developed, implemented and spread the message of ERM and insurance setup within Energinet, a critical infrastructure business. She has put her fingerprint on the professional ERM environment and the holistic use of insurance products. Lene has improved knowledge sharing of risk management within Europe by developing networks with peers and influencing the way they perceive ERM and insurance management.

Rohini van der Waard has risen from a junior to senior position in less than five years and engaged in her national association NARIM from an early stage. Despite these few years of active experience in risk and insurance management, Rohini’s performance is high quality. She successfully manages the challenges of insurance, claims and risks, and she is continually looking for further options for development.

Pauline Davoust has worked closely with her insurance partners to combine two different insurance policies into one unique and combined policy that would not be available off the shelf. It breaks the silos of a traditional insurance environment. She believes her success story can inspire other risk managers to push the insurance market for innovative approaches which enhance common practices.

Gerold Knight. The Smart Risk programme that Gerold has helped develop has changed the company’s perception of managing risk, enhanced collaboration and integrated risk management into the company DNA. Gerold promotes risk culture in the company and has renewed the risk management system, including HR, with a new approach and fresh thinking.

Pim Moerman and Rob van den Eijnden: Their collaboration has brought together and aligned all components of the company in risk management by developing new technology. The Philips Global Resilience Platform they have developed makes their company more resilient by breaking the department silo approach. They hope this initiative will inspire others in the industry.

Carl Leeman is an individual with risk management in his blood, providing continuous energy and advice on what risk managers should do – or not do – in the challenging worlds of risk and insurance. The award springs from his long and international involvement in associations, promotion of ERM and great achievement in a family-owned company.